Saturday, March 14, 2020

Portlands Historic Union Station essays

Portland's Historic Union Station essays Portlands Historic Union Station has been a staple of transportation in the Northwest since it was built in 1896. Portland is a young city at just 150 years old, and Union Station has played a key role in making Portland what it is today. As Portland grew during the late 19th century because of its timber and livestock exports, coupled with the gaining popularity of railway travel, the city decided to construct a rail station that could serve as a major transportation hub for the region. Even with the creation of the Super Highway across the U.S., Union Station has continued to thrive as an important part of the cities transportation system. It also serves as a cherished landmark. Portlands Union Station has had a rich history throughout the years. However in order to completely understand the buildings meaning, factors such as cultural influences, design principles, economic forces, and its technological means must be examined. All buildings are constructed to fulfill needs. Union Station is no exception to this rule. Union Stations purpose is obvious in that it serves as a central part of Portlands expansive transportation system. Without a program, Union Station would be a mere piece of art. Union Stations purpose has never changed dramatically. It has always served as the major center of the cities railroad travel. Of course it had more usage before the creation of the Super Highway and the popularity of air travel, but it has always served the community and its purpose has stayed consistent. Union Station used to serve as the icon for fast and easy travel. Today people look at the Portland (PDX) airport as the fastest mode of travel. Union Stations usage has dropped over time but the people who use it have been the same. Travelers looking to get from place to place have always been the predominant force behind the creation and usage of this building. The program of Union Station is no...

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