Wednesday, February 26, 2020

What are the steps for improving semantics as outlined in your Essay

What are the steps for improving semantics as outlined in your textbook Explain them - Essay Example This may be different from what the same word connotes to different people that is its implied meaning. The order of words in sentences is important in providing us their meaning more clearly than the words themselves (Kholoud 714). In order to improve semantics, our word choice and arrangement should help to clarify meaning and show respect. The way the words flow in the sentence clarifies what they mean and shows us the context in which they have been used. The use of specific language or words that narrow the meaning down from a general set to one item or inclusive group. This is the use of precise words to clarify the meaning of the phrase. This addresses the problem of semantic under specification where the meaning of a word is not complete without certain elements of context.  Another way is by the use of concrete language. This is the use of words that appeal to the intellect. Such words assist you to clarify semantic meaning by boosting understanding. Such words appeal to the senses and are related to feelings evoked by certain words or phrases. Use of language that is familiar to the recipient can diffuse confusion in a sentence. This is because familiar language is in a language context understood b y the recipient enhancing clarity and dispelling ambiguity. Through the use of descriptive details and examples in your content, you can improve semantic meaning by enhancing visual perception in the mind of the recipient. Visual descriptions help the listener to create a mental picture of what is being said and understand the concept better (Kholoud 716). Such tools increase clarity particularly in eliminating any form of ambiguity. When local and familiar examples are used in statements, listeners tend to understand the intended message and may seek further clarification with certainty. Localised examples also eliminate confusion since the explanations become customized per se. Sensitivity in communication is attained by being

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