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Career Goals Hurt Academic Performance - 1515 Words

Unclear Career Goals Hurt Academic Performance One major and frightening problem students face is not developing defined career goals. Students Who enter college right after graduating high school tend to have no idea of what exact career path that they want to pursue. A majority of these students struggle to figure out their career goals and end up taking a variety of different courses, most of which are unnecessary. Some of the classes they enroll in may not have any relevance to the major that the student eventually decides to pursue. When taking a mass variety of different classes, there will be certain classes that do not play to the student s strengths, and they tend to struggle. These classes not only affect their GPA,†¦show more content†¦Students who lack career goals can often result in students who lack interest in their chosen majors. According to Community College Students Face a Very Long Road to Graduation from the New York Times by Ginia Bellefante, Mr. De Jesus said, I don t just want to be in school. I want to learn in school. I know I can pass these classes, but my mind is always elsewhere. I m st ill thinking all the time of the future, the future, the future, but I m stuck here in this present, he continued. This quote is relatable to me because as an individual, I was at the same point in my life a long time ago. In Mr. De Jesus s case, his career goals differed from the classes that he was taking, which damaged his passion for the degree he was trying to obtain. Mr. De Jesus had many obstacles to overcome, but a strong set of goals and a positive outlook can help a student accomplish their dreams. He eventually lost interest in school because he felt that he was just existing, rather than actually learning. If Mr. De Jesus also had a social capital that he could draw on, he may have been able to figure it out and feel less stressed and more inclined to struggle and achieve his career and academic goals. Students entering college for the first time often do not know what they want to do as a career. They begin theirShow MoreRelated Making Uniforms Mandatory for High Scho ols Essay594 Words   |  3 Pagesin high schools are becoming increasingly popular across Canada. In fact, most school boards are positive towards making uniforms mandatory. Uniforms at high schools should be mandatory. Can uniforms really make a difference in a student’s academic performance? Of course, they can. First of all, uniforms create an atmosphere of equality at school. When worn by all students, uniforms reduce the gap between the rich and the poor and therefore, promote equality. Moreover, in the absence of uniformsRead MoreAre Athletes Treated Differently From The Rest Of The Student Body?1457 Words   |  6 Pagesfriendships beyond high school where you might stay in contact with former classmates. Sports in high school teach teamwork and cooperation where everybody has to work as a cohesive unit and be dependent by having each teammate back to reach a common goal. Having mentors who are positive can help with a student on and off the court development in preparation for life beyond high school. 3) What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a student athlete? (All levels) Some of the advantages ofRead MoreSports Activities And Its Impact On Society2493 Words   |  10 Pagesadvantages which lead to refining both academic performance and mental toughness of game ought not to be under-evaluated (Martin, 2005). Students in college these days are keen to take part in sports. They are sometimes ready to miss their important lessons to perform sports activities held in school or outside school and they may get treated in an illegal way. The NCAA [National Collegiate Athletic Association] considers claims that are related to academic dishonesty (Wolverton, 2015). InRead MoreThe Myth Of Common Core Equality By Valerie Stratus913 Words   |  4 Pagesfrustrated with not being able to reach their goal of meeting their academic level. The stress level the new standard is having on students is no longer having a great passion for learning based on their poor school performance. For ELL students that lack of motivation can increase by them not being able to grasp the concept of the new standards. When students begin to guess on their exams they are no longer learning, but instead trying to ignore their academic frustration. The lack of student motivationRead MoreAnalysis Of The Article Who Benefits From Failing Urban School Districts?1621 Words   |  7 Pageslead an organization, participated in hands-on work, or been held accountable for their performance. Haberman claims, â€Å"†¦central office personnel have had no experience at being productive, accountable or engaged in real work† (2007). Instead of focusing on the bigger issues within the public school system, the dysfunctional bureaucracy has been focused on performing their regular duties, achieving a specific goal within their department, and attending meetings. These tasks are not supporting the publicRead MoreThe Psych Of Serial Killer1735 Words   |  7 Pagesconcerning prevention and intervention. Just what is violence? Violence is explained as hostile emotions or feelings being acted upon. Also it means to be severe, adamant and many times hazardous by using one’s natural strength so as to create hurt or mistreatment (Webster, 2015,p.1). How many times have we seen or heard on the news of two individuals who engaged in an argument only to have it escalate to a full blown fist fight or end in a shooting death. My mother once told us of a story ofRead MorePart Iv: Admissions Essay. How Have Your Life, Work, And1602 Words   |  7 Pagesanalyze, and form opinions on one another. I’ve acquired more information than expected throughout these past years, especially in my program. This particular topic is something that I am very passionate about. This passion motivates me, in pursuit of a career in social work, because I want to be a force and image for change. Adding cultural competence to these already existing values and strengths, this will influence me and others, of different cultural backgrounds, to overcome ignorance and prejudiceRead MoreTenure, A Significant Reward For Teachers1388 Words   |  6 Pagesthe tenure system makes it hard for them to fire a teacher, the administrators should scrutinize nominated teachers before granting any tenure. Furthermore, school administrators should consider the teachers’ merits, as well as their professional performance. If administrators spent their time supervising their candidates carefully, they would be able to keep good teachers and dismiss bad teachers by acting during the probationary period. â€Å"When the school principal acts responsibly, poor teachers areRead MoreThe Effects Of Sports On Student Students3637 Words   |  15 Pagesan integral part of a student s life. The importance of academics cannot be ignored in the life of a student athlete. It is therefore important that a student who has to stay committed to his athletic activities should work hard towards studies to balance off his or her grades. Taking part in sports can be extremely helpful in enhancing the physical and mental well being of a student. It can also help perform better at academics. Struggling athletic students should be granted scholarshipsRead MoreThe Education Is A Universal Rights Essay1263 Words   |  6 Pagesbenefit all of the student population. Multicultural seeks to ensure that all students receive an equal education. It is clear that a student’s socioeconomic background and race are some of the most influential factors that determines a student’s academic success. The students background can either promote or hinder their success in the classroom. Students that come from better off economic backgrounds are more likely to have access and participate in organized activities. Working class may not have

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